schindler’s list, a theatrical recount that documents the duration of world war two, embarked in krakow, poland. the film recounts the happenings inside plaszow (ów-Płaszów_concentration_camp ), the nazi concentration camp within radius to his home, and the fate this debut inflicted on the condemned jews. the camp itself was run by Amon Goeth, director […]

subject I want to elaborate on – endurance of the Jewish community, and how they managed to overcome the struggles of word war two. – how they kept hope throughout the duration of the war? -action they look to ensure safety throughout the film and why -how the war effect their well being overall, and […]

I aim to create and effective film review, regarding the film swindlers list, using appropriate language, techniques and hypothosis to recount and elaborate my reasoning in regards to the review and effectively relate the film to current societal dilemmas and of course, the theme of endurance.

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